The Estimating Studio is available if you’re looking for the top masonry estimation services. With years of broad expertise in the estimation sector, we have become experts at providing the most precise estimates in a timely manner in the Caribbean, Australia, and North America.

The division 4 masonry trade includes all types and configurations of bricks, CMU walls, clay and glass masonry, mortar and grout, brick veneer, bond beams, lintels, facing bricks, insulation, flashing, masonry reinforcement, masonry restoration, transportation, labour costs, and man-hours. Our expert masonry cost estimator, having practical knowledge of masonry works, quantifies each and every detail in division 4.

Our team of certified American estimators, including the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, ensures quality and accuracy by using the appropriate software, such as AccuBid, Planswift, and Bluebeam, and by adhering to their rules and regulations (AIQS).

We provide masonry brick wall 3d designing services in addition to masonry takeoff services.



– Masonry Quantity Takeoffs
– Design Estimates
– Budget Estimates
– Bid Estimates
– Bid Submittal Preparation
– Proposal Preparation & Pricing
– Expert Witness
– Masonry Restoration Estimates
– Change Order Estimates
– Masonry Consulting
– Masonry Contractor Marketing
– Project Lead Generation
– Value Engineering
– Masonry Brick Wall 3D Designing Services

We have excelled at producing timely and accurate estimates for masonry works for the various clients, including general contractors, masonry contractors, masonry repair contractors, vendors, masons, developers, architects, designers, and home builders, thanks to our practical knowledge and years of experience in the AEC industry.

Our services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Typically, our deliverables consist of:

– EXCEL spreadsheet
– 3D wall renderings with many views
– Labor and material rates
– Man Hours
– Color-coded plans
– Detailed summary comprising material lay rate and unit costs. labor rates, crew size, equipment, overhead, profit percentage, etc.
– Review of addendums

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  • – CMU Masonry
    – Glass unit masonry
    – Clay unit masonry
    – Architectural & glazed masonry
    – Stonemasonry walls
    – Granite
    – Limestone
    – Marble
    – Sandstone
    – Soapstone
    – Slate
    – Cast stone
    – Mortar and grout
    – Masonry Flashing
    – Masonry Anchorage
    – Masonry Insulation
    – Chimney brick
    – Brick tuckpointing
    – brick wall tiles
    – Brick Veneer
    – Stucco work
    – Terra Cotta Masonry


Drawing drawings and specifications supplied by the customer are carefully examined with regard to the plan, elevation, and section views to establish the scope of work before being used to create a masonry estimate.

Planswift, Bluebeam, and other masonry takeoff programmes are used by us to measure the amounts using a point-and-click manner, and the quantities are entered into EXCEL spreadsheets with MasterFormat labels. For items mentioned in the drawings, we use CSI codes.

Our masonry costing spreadsheet includes the following breakdown of quantities:

  • – All masonry units used for the construction of the foundation wall. It includes concrete masonry units, bricks, CMU blocks, acoustic blocks, glass units, clay bricks, clay tiles, brick tiles, stones, marble, limestone, terra cotta, precast masonry panels rubble, and their different forms eg, corner units, pilaster units, bond beams, lintel blocks, knockouts, stirrups, sill block, angle block, square pilasters, headers, halves, half high, etc.
  • – Deductions for openings i.e. doors, windows, ventilation are considered.
  • – The number of facing bricks and masonry veneer, stone veneer, brick veneer if required.
  • – Masonry units involved in different categories i.e facings, backings to facings, walls and partitions, furring to walls, fire protection are mentioned distinctly.
  • – The amount of mortar required, which depends on whether it is pre-bagged or site batching, mortar proportions, site conditions, etc. it also depends on the type of mortar, ie masonry cement mortar, pre-blended mortar, or portland cement lime mortar.
  • – The amount of grout required, which depends on the density of the concrete block used. Wastages are also covered.
  • – Masonry reinforcement if required.
  • Scaffolding if required.
  • – Other miscellaneous items i.e. anchor bolts, sleeves, brackets, brick ties, etc.
  • – Masonry insulation, masonry flashing, and weep holes if required.
  • – Material, equipment, and labor costs are applied using RSMeans and our construction cost database for zip code based prices.
  • – Estimation of the man-hours and labor costs involved in various tasks and various other costs like transportation, taxes, permits, and costs for restoration & cleaning if required. etc.
  • – Contingency funds are also taken into account which includes unforeseen costs, inflation, etc.

A final audit is performed by the senior estimator to ensure the quality of the deliverables.



We have provided incredibly accurate and thorough estimates for the following projects, among others, for home facades, floors, chimneys, fireplaces, combustion chambers, patios, driveways, sidewalks, walls, and columns:

– Public
– Commercial
– Residential
– Industrial
– Institutional
– Educational
– Landscaping
– Restoration/Repair


The Estimating Studio serves its clients with precise masonry estimating services with the culmination of expert estimators and detailers proficient in the following Software:

  • Planswift
  • ASA Rebar Estimating Software
  • Soule Software
  • RGS Rebar
  • Tekla Structures
  • AutoCAD
  • Rebar CAD
  • ASA Microstation


Only accurate and thorough estimates can provide you an advantage over your rivals in the extremely competitive construction sector of today, where you are bidding on tight profit margins.

The biggest difficulty in creating a masonry estimate on your own is accuracy, which makes it difficult and time-consuming. A thorough understanding of masonry units, mortar, grout, reinforcements, man-hours, labour expenses, transportation costs, and various other amounts is required, as is tool and software proficiency. The cost of purchasing pricey software and employing a full-time estimator will significantly increase your monthly salary, bonus income, and other expenses.

As a result, you gain the following benefits by outsourcing your estimates to a reputable estimating firm like The Estimating Studio:

– You save time that was earlier consumed in preparing estimates and utilize it in developing strategies for your business growth.
– It gives you the confidence of highly accurate and detailed estimates prepared by expert estimators.
– It increases your bid volume. You tend to bid more and win more.
– Your estimating efficiency improves which increases your profit margins.
– You save on the expenses of buying software and hiring estimating staff.


We have proven taken record of delivering the best services to our clients in terms of:

– Highly accurate and detailed estimates along with marked-up plans.
– Quick turnaround times of 24 to 48 hours.
– Cost-effective estimates
– The bid-hit ratio of our estimates is more than 92%.
– The monthly takeoff package saves 60% expense of an inhouse estimator.
– Consultation on bid filing and handling bidding network profile of contractors.
– Estimators certified with credible accreditations AACE, AIQS.
– 24/7 customer support.


What do we estimate in masonry construction?

We quantify each and everything in the masonry trade with details and descriptions from concrete block, brick, stone, architectural precast, tile, marble. For Block masons, we provide knockouts, regular block, headers, bond beam, lintel block, mortar, sand, round column block, square pilasters, angle block, and sill block.

What is included in our masonry portfolio of projects?

From Private to public institutions we have provided our masonry estimating services for all commercial and residential projects.


The first step in the estimating process at The Estimating Studio is the review of the drawing plans by the MEP specialist, who has extensive prior experience working with Mechanical (HVAC), ducting, air-conditioning systems, refrigeration units, Electrical, low voltage equipment, and Plumbing takeoffs. The specifics, timelines, and requirements, together with a few small general observations, are taken into account.

Each drawing plan is then uploaded using our approved software, such as Trimble, Bluebeam, Plan Swift, FastWRAP, FastDUCT, etc. A senior estimator, who assures a cold-eyed evaluation from marked-up plans and takeoffs sheets in EXCEL, reviews the quantities from the plans after our qualified and certified estimator takesoffs them and ensures that all considerations, correct standards, and codes are followed.

Each line item is quantified, stated, and given the appropriate explanation in accordance with the goal. It is defined what the job-winning approach will be for bid estimates, procurement, and supply needs. After the estimation department has undergone peer review, estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial projects are presented to clients.


What quantities do you consider while providing framing takeoff?

We consider wood panels, plates, studs, joists, sheathing, headers, cripples, trimmers, and trusses for framing takeoff. Furthermore, the labor, labor-hours, logistics, permits, insurances, taxes are included in them.

How much time do you usually take to deliver your lumber estimate?

We provide lumber estimating services in no time. A detailed lumber estimate and quantity takeoff will be delivered to you in 24 to 48 hours.

How much time do we take to deliver your masonry works estimate?

We normally take 24 to 48 hours to prepare and deliver your estimate on time.


What is the format of the deliverables for masonry takeoff?

We deliver masonry takeoffs in EXCEL sheets either in our format or your customized format.


Why are Concrete and masonry contractors using our masonry estimating services?

For beating your competitors in reaching the exact figures, and underbidding and tightening up your bid, many contractors reach to us accurate and timely preparations of bids in all concrete and masonry works.

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