Residential Estimating Solutions

Our residential estimating services are designed to meet the unique requirements of Residential Contractors, Subcontractors, Homebuilders, Homeowners, Developers, Investors, Lenders, and Architects, providing fast turnarounds and dependable solutions.

Portfolio of Residential Estimating Services Projects

– Single-Family Residential Houses
– Multi-Family Residential Houses
– Duplex/Triplex Houses
– Custom Homes
– Modular Homes
– Apartments
– Bungalows
– Townhouses
– Mansions
– Condominiums
– Home Additions
– Home Improvements
– Remodeling

Our expertise spans a diverse range of residential construction projects to ensure accurate and efficient estimating tailored to your specific needs.


A precise estimate for residential construction forms the foundation for the entire financial aspects of the project. When planning the construction of residential buildings, having an accurate cost estimate provides insights into potential expenses. This information is crucial for calculating markups, budget allocation, securing financing, quoting prices to clients, and negotiating with contractors and subcontractors through our Residential estimating services.

World Estimating stands out in the industry, offering seasoned and expert estimators for residential construction estimating services tailored to your project. Following a thorough analysis of plans, we utilize cutting-edge software for digital takeoffs and consult our construction cost database and RS means for zip-code pricing specific to your residential estimate. We break down labor costs, considering union and prevailing wages, standard time, and overtime. The bill of materials is organized in CSI Master Format divisions or based on CSI costs patterns in EXCEL spreadsheets, making it easy for you to review and share with vendors for pricing.

Our deliverables in residential construction estimating services encompass:

– A detailed residential estimate customized to your specific needs, whether you’re a contractor, home builder, or owner, for purposes such as bidding, procurement, budgeting, and financing.
– Digital Takeoff EXCEL files.
– Material Types & Quantities.
– Material & Labor Costs.
– Colored marked-up plans.
– A comprehensive takeoff summary, detailing labor hours, permits, taxes, contingencies, overheads, profit percentages, and various other costs.


In our residential estimating services, we commit to providing the following:

– Detailed estimates with a strong focus on precision.
– Cost-effective solutions at competitive market rates (verify prices).
– Swift and punctual delivery of estimates to meet your deadlines.
– Minimize overhead costs by paying only when you require our services.
– Enhance efficiency and secure more job opportunities by bidding on additional projects.
– Consultation on strategically submitting bids to secure more projects.
– Assistance in increasing your bid-hit ratio and winning more bids.
– 24/7 chat and email support.

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In our portfolio of home estimation services, we measure the items in residential projects using units like volume, length, area, and number.

Depending on your needs, we tailor the quantity assessment in our home construction estimation services based on the units suitable for specific purposes. For example, for lumber supply, vendors typically require beams, studs, joists, and rafters quantified in EA (each) with a detailed description of nails and clips.

We typically measure the following materials in our home quantity assessments:

  1. General conditions (permits, taxes, logistics, storage, etc.)
  2. Sitework (site preparation, excavation, backfilling earthwork, landscaping)
  3. Concrete (foundation, driveway, sidewalk, paving)
  4. Masonry (walls and piers)
  5. Wood/Plastic composites (structural lumber, millwork, carpentry)
  6. Thermal & moisture protection (roof and wall insulation)
  7. Doors & Windows
  8. Metals (structural steel reinforcements, metal railings)
  9. Interior/exterior finishes (drywall, plastering, painting, flooring, tiling, roofing, wall and pier finishes)
  10. Plumbing fixtures
  11. Mechanical (exhaust fan, HVAC systems)
  12. Electrical (lighting, alarms, detectors, ceiling fans, TV cables)
  13. Other specialties (stairs, toilet accessories, kitchen equipment, and furnishings)
  14. Contingencies
  15. Labor costs and man-hours


For residential contractors using tools like Plan swift, Bluebeam, Quest Estimating, RS Means, Xactimate, Fast PIPE, Fast DUCT, Fast WRAP, Trimble, and IMHS Mark Systems, our home estimation services can assist in winning bids on projects. We prepare bid estimates and bid documents, ensuring your quotes are ready for submission before the deadline, allowing you to focus on your field activities.

Accurate Residential Bid Estimates

Having provided Residential Estimates to the Construction industry for a long time, our residential estimators and engineers measure the amounts of materials, labor, and man-hours needed.

We work closely with local vendors and use the RSMeans database for current pricing to create precise estimates. Our services include:

1. Accurate and quick bid estimates with marked-up plans.
2. Help with smartly filing bids.
3. Managing bidding network profiles.
4. Generating leads for new projects.
5. Marketing for subcontractors.

New Construction Residential Estimates

Whether it’s a simple three-family residence or a complex residential apartment, our estimators have the expertise to list materials, labor, and create an accurate residential estimate through our residential estimating services.

Our experience with residential builds and proficiency in software allows us to quickly calculate quantities and prepare quotes so you can focus on your daily site work. We currently serve residential contractors in all 50 states, dealing with all new construction.

Residential Construction Estimating Services for Trade Contractors

Whether you specialize in small domestic builds or large residential projects, our estimates meet your specific needs to win bid proposals, set good profit margins, and procure materials and labor. With a team of specialized trade estimators, we have served subcontractors involved in our residential construction estimating services, including excavation, sitework, landscaping, concrete, masonry, plastering, painting, framing, drywall, tiling, flooring, glazing, joinery, gyprock, lumber, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, insulation, doors, windows, accessories, equipment, and furnishings.


For precise Residential Estimating Services, our skilled team caters to the needs of Residential Contractors, Subcontractors, Homebuilders, and more, delivering fast and reliable solutions. Our expertise covers a wide range of residential projects, offering tailored estimates for single-family houses, multi-family buildings, custom homes, and more.

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