Lumber Take-Off

We might be of assistance if you are a vendor, framer, or contractor looking for trustworthy Lumber Take-off services.

The Estimating Studio is the result of many years of experience in the construction estimation sector, and it has knowledge of accurate material takeoffs and complete estimates for all CSI categories, including civil, residential, commercial, industrial, and retail projects. By combining our expertise from experience with the most recent Software, we provide our clients with a time and money-saving model so that we may best serve them. All wood and plastic composites estimate services, including lumber take-off, are offered by our firm.


What Do We Deliver In Our Lumber Takeoffs?

If you are a supplier, framer, or contractor searching for reliable lumber takeoff services, we might be able to help.

With its extensive understanding of correct material takeoffs and comprehensive estimates for all CSI categories, including civil, residential, commercial, industrial, and retail projects, World estimating is the product of many years of expertise in the construction estimation industry. We provide our clients a time and money-saving methodology so that we may best serve them by fusing our experience-based skills with the newest Software.

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Our Deliverables for The Lumber Takeoff Comprises

Our Lumber Estimator Expertise

That has previous expertise dealing with different contractors in North America. Our staff of construction cost estimators makes sure that each project complies with the severe rules and regulations of the American organizations that certify estimators. Such as the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIDS). Every wood sill, piece of structural and non-structural lumber, and piece of fascia is calculated by our lumber take-off calculator and described in detail in your plans and drawings. Our estimate services for wood-plastic composites are trustworthy and precise.

Our Clients

With the capability to handle all types and sizes of projects, we provide structural steel estimating services and detailing services for the structures for the following scope of projects:

  • General Contractors
  • Developers
  • Millwork Contractors
  • Framing Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Lumberyards
  • Lumber Wholesale Supply Companies
  • Lumber take-off Retailers
  • Architects/Designers


World estimating serves its clients with precise estimating services with the culmination of expert estimators and detailers proficient in the following Software:


Let us estimate your next and every woodwork takeoff. It could be your framing takeoff or carpentry countertops to be quantified. We help Framers, rough carpentry, trim, and millwork contractors in their busy schedules and alleviate their pressure by minimizing their cost and workload with our experienced lumber estimators and framing material estimator. Each estimate is proofread and reviewed through cold eyes on a line-item basis.

What Materials Do We Quantify For Lumber Takeoffs?

We provide complete wood plastic composites or lumber estimating services (DIVISION 6) in all of the following trades:

  • Cabinets
  • Millwork
  • Wood stairs & railing
  • Timber
  • Countertops
  • Plastic fabrication
  • Paver stands
  • Woodwork
  • Wood veneers
  • Plastic laminates
  • Slatwall paneling
  • Rough carpentry
  • Wood decking
  • Sheathing
  • Drywall framing
  • Fiberglass gratings
  • Exterior trim
  • Standing & running trim
  • Wood trusses
  • Subfascia
  • Framing
  • Eaves & rakes
  • Wooden studs
  • Wood framing
  • Wooden joists & beams
  • Structural timber
  • Wood trusses
  • Floor joists
  • Wood shelving
  • Trim & siding
  • Casework
  • Wood paneling
  • Stair components
  • Structural insulated panels

We have a dedicated team of lumber estimators. Our estimators are proficient enough in their work. They follow the guidelines of international associations. These associations include, the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). Thus, we offer all the lumber estimates like wood sill, structural and non-structural lumber.

Outsourcing Your Lumber Takeoffs Is The Right Strategy

The right lumber estimate and quantity takeoff require an in-depth knowledge of millwork construction techniques, wall arrangements, lumber qualities, structural connections, labor costs, man-hours, transportation costs, etc.

Performing takeoff and estimation by yourself can be very time consuming and frustrating. By hiring an estimating company like ours, you can save a lot of time that can be utilized in other activities like bidding on more projects, developing business strategies, etc. By outsourcing your millwork estimates you are relieved from hiring. And training professional staff which also bear huge costs. You also save the expense of costly estimating software.

Professional estimation companies have expert estimators to perform highly accurate and timely takeoffs, by getting services from them, your chance of getting the jobs increases, and it also contributes towards long term relations with your general contractor.

Quick Turnarounds

We have a staff of skilled estimators that can estimate or takeoff home plans in as little as 24 to 48 hours, both for commercial and residential projects. Turnaround times for commercial estimates might change depending on the complexity and scale of the project.

Accurate Construction Cost Database

We deploy RSMeans and our developed construction cost database for material, labor and equipment pricing for up to date and zip code based costing.


The first step in the estimating process at World Estimating is the review of the drawing plans by the MEP specialist, who has extensive prior experience working with Mechanical (HVAC), ducting, air-conditioning systems, refrigeration units, Electrical, low voltage equipment, and Plumbing takeoffs. The specifics, timelines, and requirements, together with a few small general observations, are taken into account.

Each drawing plan is then uploaded using our approved software, such as Trimble, Bluebeam, Plan Swift, Fast WRAP, Fast DUCT, etc. A senior estimator, who assures a cold-eyed evaluation from marked-up plans and takeoffs sheets in EXCEL, reviews the quantities from the plans after our qualified and certified estimator takeoffs them and ensures that all considerations, correct standards, and codes are followed.

Each line item is quantified, stated, and given the appropriate explanation in accordance with the goal. It is defined what the job-winning approach will be for bid estimates, procurement, and supply needs. After the estimation department has undergone peer review, estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial projects are presented to clients.


We consider wood panels, plates, studs, joists, sheathing, headers, cripples, trimmers, and trusses for framing takeoff. Furthermore, the labor, labor-hours, logistics, permits, insurances, taxes are included in them.

How much time do you usually take to deliver your lumber estimate?

We provide lumber estimating services in no time. A detailed lumber estimate and quantity takeoff will be delivered to you in 24 to 48 hours.

What do you quantify in lumber estimates?

We have diverse experience in the takeoff. We quantify cabinetry, millwork, lumber and timber. Moreover, countertops, veneers, wood stairs and railings, trim and siding are few important ones to mention. Moving forward, paneling, laminates, wood truss, decking, sheathing, wood shelving, and fascia are also included in this regard.

How much do you charge for lumber takeoff?

We usually charge on average $200 for wood-plastic composites and lumber takeoffs but it always depends on the scope and extent of the work required. it can be as low as $100 for a few hours’ jobs.

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