Professional Drywall Takeoff Services: Streamlining Your Project

We can provide you with a very accurate and thorough drywall estimate if you are having trouble finding the finest drywall takeoff services to assist you avoid the hassle of overquoting or underquoting on your bids.

With many years of experience in the AEC sector, World Estimating offers specialised knowledge in accurate quantity takeoffs and professional, thorough estimates for high-end residential, commercial, and retail projects. By using current labour and material prices based on zip codes, we can verify the accuracy of our estimates. We adhere to the tight requirements set out by organisations that certify American estimators, such as the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) (AIQS).


  • – Drywall or Gypsum board Estimates
  • – Drywall material & labor takeoffs with man hours
  • – Acoustical Ceiling Estimates
  • – Wood Framing Estimates
  • – Metal Framing Estimates
  • – Budget Estimates
  • – Bid Estimates
  • – Complete Bidding Assistance
  • – Change Order Management
  • – Drywall Project Management
  • – Subcontractor Marketing
  • – Project Lead Generation

Among our clients are general contractors, drywall contractors, drywall installation service providers, homeowners, and designers involved in the construction of single and multi-family residential, commercial, and retail projects.

With the special focus on bid deadlines, budget constraints, and scope of the project, we provide ready to be submitted complete bids containing accurate cost estimates and material takeoff sheets to drywall contractors that help them in winning their bids with good profit margins.

We quantify drywall sheets, drywall mud, acoustic insulation, sheathing, screws, beads, studs, headers, etc. along with manhours, labor costs, logistics, permits, taxes, and other factors involved.

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Our drywall estimators provide cost estimates and customized detailed reports according to the client’s specific requirements, but commonly contain the following:


  • – Complete takeoff spreadsheets
  • – Labor, materials & equipment pricing
  • – Labor hours
  • – Color-coded drawing plans
  • – Bid Summary comprising total material. 
  • – Labor & equipment costs, profit percentage, overheads, permits, taxes, and various other costs.
  • – Complete review of inclusions and exclusions


Each line item description includes a complete list and a quantification of all the components needed for drywall installation. Our drywall takeoff sheets are appropriately referenced with color-coded designs and are well-categorized with regard to all sorts of partitions, floors, sections, elevations, etc.

Our drywall cost estimates are mostly based on the specifications provided by clients. However, generally speaking, the following considerations—which are not exhaustive—are made:

  • – Drywall sheets
  • – Sheetrock panels
  • – Gypsum wallboard
  • – Gypsum board ceiling
  • – Acoustic ceiling
  • – Cementitious backer board
  • – Backing
  • – Sheathing
  • – Thermal insulation
  • – Acoustic insulation
  • – FRP
  • – Drywall mud
  • – Drywall taping
  • – Blocking
  • – Joint tape
  • – Joint Sealant
  • – Screws
  • – Corner beads
  • – Clips
  • – Bracings
  • – Metal studs
  • – Metal furrings


You cannot afford the chance of mistakes when submitting a quote for a drywall project. Therefore, in order to beat out the competition, you need an exact estimate with thorough material takeoffs. You may spend more time coming up with business expansion plans by outsourcing your estimates rather than dealing with the tedious paperwork.

We can guarantee you on-time projects without any mistakes thanks to our staff of highly qualified estimators and our expertise dealing with several drywall firms and contractors throughout the world. With several residential and commercial drywall contractors from North America, Australia, and the Caribbean, we have successfully completed projects. We have been utilising RSMeans and have a sizable database for pricing depending on zipcode. Additionally, we are connected to distributors, contractors.


World estimating serves its clients with precise estimating services with the culmination of expert estimators and detailers proficient in the following Software:

  • Planswift
  • ASA Rebar Estimating Software
  • Soule Software
  • RGS Rebar
  • Tekla Structures
  • AutoCAD
  • Rebar CAD
  • ASA Microstation



World Estimating strives to serve its clients in the best way possible. By partnering with us you get the following benefits:


  • We have a track record of delivering highly precise estimates that are easy to understand and edit.
  • Our Bid-hit ratio is more than 92%.
  • We always deliver on time with fast turnaround times of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Our rates are highly market competitive.
  • We render our assistance in smartly filing bidding proposals thus securing more jobs.
  • Our estimates comply with international standards.
  • 24/7 customer support is available.


We have a diverse portfolio in drywall estimates ranging from single-family housing and multi-family residential build-outs and remodels to large commercial new construction projects.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Institutional
  • Restaurant
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Build-outs
  • Core & Shell
  • Tenant Finish
  • Acoustical Ceilings
  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Remodeling
  • Repair


When preparing the drywall estimate, complete knowledge of the drywall installation process is required. Our drywall estimators start with the review of drawing plans and systematic bid documents to identify the scope of the projects. Then, using the latest takeoff software like Planswift, we measure the walls, partitions, and ceilings by the point and click methods. The use of digital software mitigates the chances of errors and the exact square footage are measured.

All the quantities are then exported to EXCEL spreadsheets and organized with floors, wall types, partitions, sections, and elevations. The exact amount of material i.e sheetrock panels, drywall mud, screws, beads, clips, etc, required to complete the installation process is estimated.

Pricing is applied using RSMeans and our construction cost database for up to date and location-based costing of material and labor. We can also use your labor rates and send you quoted material lists that you can forward to your vendors.

Local labor rates and labor hours, transportation costs, painting costs (if required), wastages, and other miscellaneous costs like permits, taxes, site repairs, cleanups, etc. are mentioned in our estimates. We also employ value engineering to increase our client’s profit potential.

Quick Turnarounds

We have a staff of skilled estimators that can estimate or takeoff home plans in as little as 24 to 48 hours, both for commercial and residential projects. Turnaround times for commercial estimates might change depending on the complexity and scale of the project.

Accurate Construction Cost Database

We deploy RSMeans and our developed construction cost database for material, labor and equipment pricing for up to date and zip code based costing.


The first step in the estimating process at World Estimating is the review of the drawing plans by the MEP specialist, who has extensive prior experience working with Mechanical (HVAC), ducting, air-conditioning systems, refrigeration units, Electrical, low voltage equipment, and Plumbing takeoffs. The specifics, timelines, and requirements, together with a few small general observations, are taken into account.

Each drawing plan is then uploaded using our approved software, such as Trimble, Bluebeam, Plan Swift, FastWRAP, FastDUCT, etc. A senior estimator, who assures a cold-eyed evaluation from marked-up plans and takeoffs sheets in EXCEL, reviews the quantities from the plans after our qualified and certified estimator takesoffs them and ensures that all considerations, correct standards, and codes are followed.

Each line item is quantified, stated, and given the appropriate explanation in accordance with the goal. It is defined what the job-winning approach will be for bid estimates, procurement, and supply needs. After the estimation department has undergone peer review, estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial projects are presented to clients.


Who are our regular clients for drywall?

Ans. We serve drywall contractors, drywall installation service providers, and homeowners for commercial and multi-residential projects.

What is the level of our expertise in drywall takeoff?

Ans. We have successfully delivered hundreds of drywall estimates in North America, Australia, and the Caribbean. We have a dedicated drywall estimator for this trade. Please take your time to check our sample.

What is the scope of our projects for drywall?

Ans. Our portfolio of drywall takeoff range from single-family residential to complex residential and commercial projects. We have served contractors for restaurants, hotels, malls, homes & apartments, movie theaters, schools, and various medical centers.

How much time do we normally take to deliver your estimate?

Ans. A highly accurate and detailed drywall estimate will be delivered to you in 24 to 48 hours. We strive to provide the timely delivery of estimates.

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